Join The Fun!!

Stampin’ Up!® is much more than stamps, ink, and paper: We’re a worldwide community dedicated to building meaningful relationships, inspiring creativity and confidence, and making a difference in people’s lives! Have you thought about becoming a demonstrator? Well I would love to share this fun journey with you!!

It’s a fun, flexible, business that you can build to suit your needs. The best part is you determine your level of success. Whether you join for the discount to pay for your addiction, I mean… hobby… :), or earn extra income, Stampin’ Up! has something to offer for everyone!

Let’s talk Perks….

As a demo you get…

  • Happy Shopper Status = Demonstrator Discount starting at 20-25% on all orders
  • a low-cost, high value Starts Kit; completely customizable
  • Creative Resources available at your fingertips
  • Beautiful, exclusive artwork and high quality products
  • Early and exclusive access to new products
  • Quick start program, earn FREE products fast!!
  • Access to demonstrator-only events
  • Lifelong Stamping Friends

As an Operation Inker you can expect:

  • Team Gatherings with sharing and stamping (of course!!)
  • Free access to all of my digital classes, video tutorials and full color PDFs to use for workshops, classes, and events.
  • An exclusive Team Facebook group
  • Team Recognition and incentives throughout the year
  • Reduced Class & Event Entry Fees
  • Creative Challenges to keep the flame alive
  • Business training & One-on-One Coaching

The starter kit is completely customizable and the best value in the catalog!

For only $99 (shipping and handling included), you’ll receive…

  • Your choice of $125.00 worth of current Stampin’ Up! product
  • a FREE Paper Pumpkin Kit
  • Business Supplies
  • and Free Shipping!!!

Here’s How to join:

  1. Click the Join Now Button
  2. Read and agree to the Independent Demonstrator Agreement.
  3. Purchase your Starter Kit. The online form will prompt you to choose products to create your own custom Starter Kit, allowing you to start your business, your way!
  4. Wait for your goodies to arrive and start stamping!!!

Need suggestions on what to pick for your kit?
Check out the Starter Kit Flyer to get you started!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the minimum sales requirements?

A. You only need to submit 300 CSV (Commissionable Sales Volume) in sales per quarter. That is lessthan an average Stampin’ Up! workshop! Also, you can submit your sales in any increment you wishand still receive your 20 percent discount and commission (or 25 percent if you become a bronze elite title or above).

Q. What if I want to do this as a hobby and not necessarily a business?

A. Stampin’ Up! supports all demonstrators, no matter their goals or the level at which they choose torun their business. If you choose not to hold workshops, you can simply place your own orders and/or collect orders from family and friends to equal the quarterly sales minimum.

Q. Can I be my own host?

A. Yes, you can be your own host anytime you want. Invite your family and friends into your home and have a workshop. You will be the host, receiving the Stampin’ Rewards, as well as the demonstrator, receiving your instant income and commission.

Q. How much does it cost to get started as a demonstrator?

A. The Starter Kit is only $99 USD and is fully customizable. You choose up to $125 USD worth of anycurrent Stampin’ Up! products, and you will also receive a business supplies pack containing materialsyou need to run your business (valued at least $35 USD).

Q. How can I make money as a demonstrator?

A. You can earn money in three ways: instant or deferred income (20 or 25 percent of each order), monthly volume rebates (4-13 percent of total monthly sales), and monthly team commissions (1–6.5 percent of your recruits’ sales).

Q. Do I have to recruit other demonstrators?

A. No. If you were to recruit demonstrators, you would be paid team commissions on your team’s sales, but this is a perk, not a requirement.

Q. Where will I get project ideas for my workshops? What kind of training can I expect?

A. Stampin’ Up! provides dozens of training resources filled with project ideas and tips to help you runevery aspect of your business, including a quarterly publication called Stampin’ Success, Demonstrator Support agents, a demonstrator-only website, and annual and seasonal catalogs.

Q. Is Stampin’ Up! a well-known, respected company?

A. Since 1988, Stampin’ Up! has been selling stamps and papercrafting supplies. In that time, not only have we won industry awards and accolades, but also the loyalty and admiration of demonstrators and customers alike. And that is a trend that we work hard to maintain. You can rest assured that thereputation of Stampin’ Up! will only continue to improve!

Q. What if I decide that I don’t like it once I’ve started? Will I be penalized if I quit?

A. You may choose to stop at anytime, and you will not be penalized. You simply stop placing orders. However, there are many benefits to remaining an active demonstrator. If you have any questionsabout Stampin’ Up! or becoming a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, please contact your demonstrator.