So you want to know my story? Well I’ll tell you. Hello! My name is Tara. I finally turned 22 years old after turning 21 for the last 10 plus years :)!!  I am a wife to wonderful man (love you Jimmy Boo Boo!!) and a mother to 2 beautiful children; a 12 year old handsome young man and now a beautiful little girl who is currently 1 month and 8 days (but who’s Oh yeah, I also have a cat named Aries! He can be a douche but I love him to pieces. I have a full-time career and someone who has dreams and aspirations to do something bigger and better with my life. Not sure about you all, but I think we get to a point as we chase our dreams and go through life, where we stop and realize that somewhere along the way we lost ourselves. Our focus/priorities change and we stop doing the things we enjoy. This happened to me a few years back. I was happy but not as happy as I used to be. So I decided, little by little, to take a piece of myself back and boy has it been a journey. That leads me to why I am starting this blog! Not only do I love my career, my family, travel, The Sims and everything that brings happiness and positivity, I am also a crafter who loves to (you guessed it from my title..) craft! That is my happy place!  I can remember my auntie showing me how to channel my inspiration as a child. I was always in awe of how talented she was. She could draw, sing, cook, sew….heck she could probably do everything under the sun. So I found myself as I got older channeling my inspriation and creativity. So now, when I have time I love being in my craft cave!! I enjoy crocheting, sewing, quilting, papercrafting (this is a new thing!!), drawing, coloring, and the list goes on. I am self-taught and I always enjoy learning new things.  I have always had a passion to craft and create. I also love sharing this gift through teaching and my creations with family and friends. Hopefully, you find some inspiration to find your happy place and get back to the things you love!