Tranquil Tulips

Tranquil Tulips is such an amazing set!

“Tiptoe through the window
By the window, that is where I’ll be
Come tiptoe through the tulips with me.”

-Tiny Tim

I love tulips and Stampin’ Up! has a hostess stamp set with tulip images!! How awesome is that? Well, this isn’t my first time playing with this stamp set, I guarantee it won’t be the last!!

This stamp set is considered a 2-step stamp set, meaning you stamp a base image

So I have been given an awesome opportunity to give back and what’s great about this opportunity is that I get to share what I love. So next month, I will be having a workshop for a deployed spouses event! This is where families get together once a month who have someone deployed down range. Now I was told that there could be anywhere from 50-181  attendees. Yes, you heard right!! 181!! So what is a demonstrator to do? You guessed it, DEMO!!! So this post is featured around what card we will make…and it is using one of my faves!


So the original design will be placed on the neat little note card & envelope pack from Stampin’ Up! But I decided to create a normal A2 size card with the same design.

Do you think this is a simple enough card?

If you would like to recreate this card, here’s a PDF with the measurements, supply list, and instructions:

Tranquil Tulips PDF

Want to see how this card was made? Watch the video

What’s also neat about this set is (I don’t know why i didn’t put this up earlier) but the color combinations are endless….Take a look….


Do you think this card is a good choice for a 100+ workshop? Let me know in the comments below!

And if you love this set, and would like to get it for free, just ask me how you!



“Be Empowered to Create”

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